Soft Armor Testing

Testing Capabilities

In our armor testing lab we use the following ammunition to analyze the structural integrity of the body armor.

9mm .357 Mag .357 Sig .44 Mag .22 Frag RCC Capabilities

Special Threat Capabilities

9mm SXT 7.62 x 25mm tokarev 5.7x28mm

Test Witnessing Services

soft armor design and testing lab

As part of the ballistic armor testing process, the experienced team at Pinnacle Services will be involved throughout the NIJ testing process; ensuring that all tests conducted are accurate and consistent. This service allows our clients to have a smoother transition into product manufacturing, resulting in lower costs due to the overall speed to market.

We also understand that each client needs to be relevant for their market. We are able to create customized tests based on your individual needs. Please contact us for more information.