Armor Design

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Animated Armor

Armor Saves Lives. If you have a specific need for a unique, lightweight, high preforming bullet resistant vest. We along with our partners have the largest data base of materials in the world. We research key components, both strengths and weaknesses to develop a unique soft ballistic armor design. At our own independent test laboratory, we conduct multiple ballistic tests, to ensure protection and confidence when moving towards compliance testing. In addition we are able to test from a variety of threats and test types such as contact shots, fragmentation from explosives, stabbing, and other forms of ballistic weapons.

Armor Testing

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Animated Bullseye

Once we have completed an in-depth testing of the soft-body armor, our expert staff will provide consultation and support while your prototype is being tested to meet the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or Department of Defense (DOD) ballistic resistant standards.